Aimex Australia Felt Pads For Plastic Dome X 2



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Aimex Australia Felt Pads For Plastic Dome 

Plastic Dome Fibre Pads

Primary Filter or stage 1 filter for Plastic Dome


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Aimex Water ® Water Filter Felt Pads For Plastic Dome x 2 for Dispenser Cooler

Specification of Felt Pads:

Color of Pads:            Black and White each

Type:                           Fiber/Carbon Pad

Quantity:                    1pc  each

Package included:

1 x White Pad

1 x Black Pad

  • Made from the finest charcoal fiber and additional white fibers.
  • Function to remove solid particles with 0.5-micron filter capacity
  • Use inside the Plastic Dome
  • Use underneath of Ceramic Dome

Black/White Fibre Pads for use with a plastic dome.

This is the first stage in our Aimex Water Filters 8 stage water filtration system.

These pads guard the main filter.

These are also known as Primary Filter or stage 1 filter

These premium quality felt pads remove rust, sediment, particles of 5 Microns or larger. 

 Located in the white dome–top bowl and is referred to as a Black & White sediment filter.

The fiber pads, one is white and should be placed on top of the black one for easy viewing of a dirty filter. 

These both can be removed and cleaned regularly based on the water quality of your water.

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