Lint Remover Rechargeable Electric Clothes Pill Fuzz Fabric Shaver White


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Upgraded Clothes Lint Remover Battery Operated Pilling Fluff Fuzz Fabric Shaver USB Charging

5W Motor Portable Clothes Lint Pill Fluff Remover Garment Fabrics Shaver Trimmer Cordless

Have you ever been annoyed by fabric lint, fuzz, or pills on your clothes? 
Have to throw away your favorite clothes. Have you ever been sad that the fuzz remover can only cover a small area and works slowly? 
Waste of your time. Have you ever been helpless that the fabric remover can only work by plugging into an electrical outlet? 
Hassle for you. Have you ever imagined that there is a versatile lint remover that can be used on your favorite clothes, fabric cushions, and household goods? 
Just try OZISMART Lint Remover designed with the user experience in mind. 
Powerful Upgraded Motor
Smart Design, Modern Slick Durable
Versatile Gadget
Quick Charge, Easy to Use, Travel-Friendly
6-Tooth Blade, Defuzz Almost All Fabric Lints
Renew Fabric Safely and Efficiently
Wider Lint Storage/Lint Collection bin No Mess
Multiple Protection
USB Charging Plugging Dual Purpose
It’s jumbo-sized and surprisingly lightweight. 
Colour: White
Power mode: USB charging 
Package Includes: 
1 x Lint Remover 
1 x USB Cable 
1 x Cleaning Brush 
1 x Instruction Manual 
1 x Extra Blade 
Warm Tips: 
Please make sure it’s fully charged before use. Don’t use it while it’s charging. Unplug once fully charged. Test on test surface of fabric first (It’s a good idea to try first on old fabric or indiscernible part of fabric) For better results use on flat/plain surface, move it slowly If you have too many dense lint balls, go in a circular motion slowly. Keep away lint remover from water. Keep away from children. Don’t try on any body part. Empty dustbin once full otherwise it can damage the motor. 
NOT suitable for stockings, lightweight or finely woven garments, or very soft or highly textured fabrics.







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